WinISI advanced training

A case-based and hands on workshop on calibration and discrimination


How to develop optimal calibration and discrimination models based on WinISI software














This workshop will cover the following topics:



The theory & practice of PLS, LOCAL and Discrimination methods


Intro to instrument networking & standardization


Pierre Dardenne will describe how CRA-W applies standardization


New and enhanced WinISI features, including Good Product Definition will be presented


- If you are interested in sharing your data for analysis and discussion at the workshop, please email before April 15 2013.
- Please contact for a WinISI installation and temporary licence on your own Windows laptop no later than May 15 2013. Please let us know as early as possible if you don't have the possibility to bring your own Windows laptop.



Schedule: 9 am - 5.30pm

(June 2, 2013)


Pre-requisite : None





Lars Nørgaard, PhD, Senior Manager at FOSS and Affiliated Professor at University of Copenhagen. He has 18 years of experience as a researcher within chemometrics and applied spectroscopy for food-agri and pharmaceutical applications. Before joining FOSS in 2010 he was head of Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen.



Mark Westerhaus, Senior Chemometrician at FOSS, is the founding father of WinISI and a multitude of data analytical methods widely applied in NIR spectroscopy. Mark Westerhaus is the co-author of several seminal papers and patents regarding standardization, calibration development and spectral pre-processing.


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